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MANAGING THE PERFORMANCE AND COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH CONNECTED MACHINES AND DEVICES CAN BE CHALLENGING AND COMPLEX. As real-time mobile and Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions become mainstream, it’s essential that businesses manage them effectively. However, activating and deactivating fleets of devices, monitoring and troubleshooting connectivity, controlling usage and capturing analytics can require resources and expertise, especially when performed manually.

Rogers Control Centre, powered by Jasper Wireless, is a sophisticated, cloud-based                            platform that reduces the difficulty of deploying, managing and supporting wireless                                   devices and M2M solutions. This enterprise-grade management solution                                            allows IT departments to closely monitor and control wireless                                                        connectivity and the associated costs.

Powerful Benefits for Your Business


Avoid surprises, reduce manual effort and operate your wireless services more cost effectively with automated overage controls, alerts and fraud prevention tools. Adjust rate plans to optimize your service costs.


Act quickly on business intelligence and manage your services efficiently to compete in rapidly changing markets.


Check real-time and historical connection status, detect service anomalies and take corrective action for device connectivity issues.


Lock SIMs with user name and password, and auto-deactivate devices on IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) change.


Expand your business internationally with one operator with global access and a single management console.

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