MPLS and Dedicated Internet Access

Multiple types of traffic and increasing volume are overtaxing networks. The growing need for voice, data and video convergence demands a better solution.

Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) from consolidates voice, video and data traffic onto a single high capacity private IP Virtual Private Network (IP VPN), giving you the ability to manage capacity and prioritize traffic to prevent congestion. It’s a highly secure means of connecting your headquarters, data centres, satellite offices and mobile employees to all of the applications they require. MPLS delivers the performance, uptime and scalability your business needs, nationwide.

To stay competitive, today’s businesses require constant connectivity, powerful performance, and flexibility for future growth. As game changers like cloud computing and workforce mobility become ever more crucial to productivity, so do the internet services needed to make it all possible.

With reliable uptime on a fiber backbone, you can rest assured knowing that we back our network availability and performance with service level agreements that offer compensation. Keep your employees connected and collaborating while potentially saving thousands in revenue. You’ll also get the speed and bandwidth necessary to enable cost-saving cloud applications, and be able to seamlessly scale up your services.

Dedicated Fibre Internet

Take your business Internet to the next level with fibre.  Unlike cable or DSL, fibre has symmetrical speeds, strict SLAs with credits for outages, and high availability options, available coast to coast.

Scalable, flexible and dedicated– it’s a better way to power your business.

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MPLS and Ethernet

Utilize Rogers Canada-wide fibre network to connect your offices together.  Have Rogers fully manage your network including classes of service for voice, video, and data, or allow us to provide you with a RJ45 hand off as a private LAN extension.

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Enterprise Analytics

Network utilization reports and traffic management give you the full picture of your network in real time.  Don't wait for customer’s to be the one to alert you of poor network performance, stay on top of the game any time, any place.

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