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Introducing Rogers Unison - Today's employees get their work done in many different locations.  They need the right tools to help them collaborate wherever htey are on any device they choose.  Any now, there's a truly mobile, cloud-based communications system to help your team members do their best work from anywhere on the device of their choice.

Rogers Unison gives you the best features of your office phone system across all your devices, making it easier than ever to keep your team working together.  As Canada's only truly mobile, cloud-based communications system, Unison lets your employees work more efficiently across all their devices, from anywhere.

Finally, your employees who spend most or all of their time out of office, and use their mobile devices as their primary form of communication are part of your phone system.

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Reception Console

The Receptionist Console allows receptionists to receive calls and direct them to other employees, whether they’re using a desk phone or a mobile phone. Instead of a bulky desktop phone, receptionists can manage calls directly from a computer screen and can see the call status of other employees even if they’re using mobile phones.

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Call Pull

Call Pull is a seamless way for users to transition a call between a desk phone, a smartphone, or any device configured for use with Rogers Unison. So if someone is in the middle of a phone conversation and needs to leave the office, or has just arrived and wants to switch devices, Call Pull keeps them connected to the call while changing devices easily.

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Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant† is a fully automated answering system that professionally greets your customers and directs their calls to the right destination. It's a higher-level customer experience.

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Dual Persona

Dual Persona lets your employees keep their existing desk phone number and add it to their mobile devices. This eliminates the need for you to update business cards and directory listings or for clients to remember an additional number.

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Hunt Groups

Now your teams can always be reachable to your clients with Hunt Groups. Route incoming calls between team members until they’re answered, ensuring your client calls are never left on hold and are answered by someone on your team.

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